Lamborghini (Narrated By FreshLikeUhhh)

from by George Gavin

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[Intro: FreshLikeUhhh]
They say you fall in love with a car faster than you fall in love with a woman
And I've only been in a Lamborghini once but one time is all it took
One look at you and uhmm, well, you know...

[Verse: FreshLikeUhhh]
Let me describe you using Lamborghini metaphors
Slide between those suicide doors and ask for more
I'm old fashion
And this brand was made in 1963, what you think about Paris
Oui Oui? Merci
I mean .. Mercy
Mom's Arab, Dad's Italian? ...
You got that horse power like a stallion
Stallone stunts I would like to gift you with silver, name our daughter Esther, name our son Sylvester
Honey let me test ya
I mean test drive
I'm just trying to play the part
You're a piece of art
You had me with that rear end, no license number, and the way your engine roaring I can tell it's push to start
Shawty let me push to start
Miss Murcielago
Logo with that raging bull but shawty do you even know Chicago?
Ohhhh your curves
My brakes work just fine
But I'll keep it 100 km per hour
Pedal to the metal til you're all mine to devour
Lamborghini baby
Pay no attention to the Toyota's and the Honda's, boda bodas, and not even range rovers
Cause I told ya it's just bumpy roads with em
But with me
You will see
Life is sweeter than m & m's
My dear Lamborghini baby
Leave the Black for Mercedes
Your acceleration is crazy
Dear Lamborghini baby
Been a while since we took a ride
Been dreaming about you lately
You know vroom vroom, hahaha
Wewe njoo real soon
Utanikuta nimechill room
You know vroom vroom
Baby njoo real soon
Utanikuta nimechill room
My Lamborghini baby


from Before We Die, released February 7, 2017
Prod. By EreqBeats
Mixed & Mastered By Domi
Additional Vocals By Naomisia



all rights reserved


George Gavin Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

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